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CHULUX 12 CUP PROGRAMMABLE AUTO BREW DRIP COFFEE BREWER is a good choice to simplify your busy morning routine,save yourself and your family from trips to coffee shops,and make your favorite coffee at home, office or camping.

You can start your morning with freshly brewed strong coffee,no need to spend money on expensive coffee somewhere else.This machine features 24 hours programmable and strength control function,you can brew coffee right now or up to 24 hours in advance.Whenever you are going to brew,the auto brew coffee maker with delayed start setting will be ready to serve.

And you can brew 2-12 cup at a time to serve a crowd or just individual moment.The built-in 60OZ reservoir comes with visible window on the side.

Both of the visible window and the glass carafe are designed with measurement markings.

The 30s anti drip feature allows you to pour while the machine is still brewing.

And after brewing,the heating plate ensure your coffee stay at drinkable temperatures for 2 hours.

Just add water to reservoir,fill reusable brewing basket with your favorite ground coffee,place carafe on heating plate,and hit the ON botton or preset the time for auto brew. The coffee will make itself. Simple control and make a perfect pot.

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