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How to Cook with Spices

For thousands of years, spices and herbs have been used in cooking as a simple and economic way to add flavour to any dish. The difference between a spice and herb comes from which part of the plant is used. The leaf of a plant is used as a culinary herb, while any other part of the plant (often dried seeds, bark or roots) is a spice. Keep in mind that herbs can be used both dry and fresh; spices are only used in their dry form.Now let's focus on the spices.There are five commonly used spices are described below.

1.Ground cinnamon
A warm spice packed with antioxidants, cinnamon adds a touch of sweetness to dishes. Typically used in baking and sweet preparations, it can also be found in savoury Indian and Moroccan-style dishes.
2.Chili powder
Known for a bright red or orange colour, chili powder is a combination of a variety of chilis. Often used in taco seasoning and curries, this spice can be found with different levels of heat (mild, medium and hot). As it’s a blend of spices, sometimes you’ll find chili powder contains cumin, paprika and salt.

3. Ground ginger
It’s most often used in baking, but ginger can also be found in spice blends such as jerk spice, curry powder or tandoori seasoning. Its sweet, peppery-lemon notes complement both favoury and sweet dishes.

4.Smoked paprika.

Smoked paprika is slightly sweet with notes of smoke that can be either mild or hot. It adds a beautiful red colour as well as some sweetness and smoky flavour to meats, fish and vegetables. Used worldwide in a range of different cuisines, it should be essential to your spice drawer to add extra depth to dishes.

Warm and earthy, cumin is the world’s second most popular spice and a great addition to North African, Middle Eastern or Indian dishes. It’s best to add cumin early in the cooking process to  increase the depth of flavour.

When we make spices or ground coffee beans in our daily cooking life, the grinder is essential.Many people get quite confused over what type of grinder should they buy. We will focus on answering the question ” Why are you buy electric grinder?”
With a hand grinder you will manually adjust the burrs to get the fineness,you want and you will manually rotate the crank until your beans are fully ground. The process requires some patience and a little power.. You can probably get anything from 5 to 10 adjustable settings on a hand grinder, while you can get over 40 on an electric one. So if you choose the hand grinder which make you limited in the cooking life.
Why are you choose CHULUX Electric Grinder?

Speed: an electric grinder will do what a hand grind does in seconds. This especially matters if you’re brewing for espresso, because in this brewing method, you will need to brew the ground right away so you don’t lose any aromas.
Adjustable: an electric grinder will give you the option to really fine-tune the grind fineness, which in turn allows you to experiment with your grind and the taste of your coffee. Also the time of grinding is controlling by yourself. 
Cup Selector/Timer: when it comes to the right quantity to grind, an electric grinder will take the guess work out and will automatically grind the perfect amount for the number of cups you choose.
Spices can add new flavors and aromas to your cooking without added fat, sodium or calories. Experiment with the different spices to see what you like best. OF course,you can choose the grinding method you like.

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