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The BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY Small Kitchen Machine Deals in 2019

Black Friday is an excellent time to shop,Cyber Monday also tends to bring with it a battery of deals that make it a great time to invest in your dream small kitchen machine.These products will offer discounts.

Single Serve Coffee Makers
CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Brewer is designed for one person.It offers you a fresh and hot cup of coffee in minutes at anytime you need it.This brewer makes having a morning cup or afternoon pick-me-up easier than ever. The stylish and compact structure is perfect for any space,such as small kitchens,dorm,meeting room or office.It comes with an illuminated brew switch and an automatic shut-off feature, which turns it off after the brewing cycle is complete.



2-in-1 Electric Dry and Wet Grinder
Electric Dry Wet Grinder includes a durable motor housing, wo detachable stainless steel bowls with up to 2.5 ounces of capacity, stainless steel sharp blades, a transparent top cover, and a cleaning brush,which will take your brewing or cooking to the next one.You can enjoy a quick and simple grinding experience with our CHULUX.

Digital Glass Kettle
This 1.7 liter, 1200 watt glass kettle quickly brings water to a boil, allowing you to make herbal tea, cocoa, French press coffee, and other hot beverages in a fraction of the time. Perfect for serving friends, family, or yourself, the kettle smoothly detaches from its heating base for cord-free convenience. Enjoy a hot beverage minus the fuss with this modern, space-saving glass kettle.

Smoothie Blender
Everyone,who wants to eat and drink healthy, already has in his kitchen such a portable smoothie blender.
Create perfect smoothie,milkshake and juice from home with this smoothie blenders from CHULUX.


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