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Whole Family Will Love Interesting Easter Games

2020 is a different year than before,as the COVID-19 is very serious,White House has canceled Easter Egg Roll this year,the health and safety of us are more important,most of people have to celebrate Easter at home.
As Easter symbolizes hope and renewal.The world would be better soon.You can prepped with interesting activities to enhance parent-child relationship,make more happiness.

Here, we've compiled the very best Easter games, each of which is perfect for all ages (in fact, we're pretty sure the whole family will fall in love with them). These indoor games and activities will ensure that your Easter celebration is a success . 
1.Easter Bunny Hop Sack Race
It is a relay race that will get your kids hopping around your home,while delighting grandparents and grandchild simultaneously.

2.Easter Egg Tag Race
Let one family member wear a T-shirt which stick the eggs and candy and run around your home. The one who snatches the most eggs and candy wins.

3.Easter Egg Hunt Race
Find the eggs and candy hided by family member, everyone should prepare their eggs for this race. Whoever gets the most goodies wins.

4.Easter Egg Questions
Answer the questions in the different eggs,which is written by your family member.The one who answer most wins.You can ask questions whatever you want.

At the end,you can give away gifts to your family members.
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